The Clean Air Act or the New Landfill Bill?

We all want cleaner air in Baltimore City. But without a plan to manage our current waste crisis, the City Council’s proposed Clean Air Act will do just the opposite.

The Issue

  • Baltimore City Council’s proposed Clean Air Act (Bill 18-0306) will impose unrealistic and duplicative regulations that may result in the closure of Wheelabrator Baltimore.
  • If passed, the Clean Air Act will cost Baltimore City government, businesses and taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars and result in increased greenhouse gas emissions.
  • There is no infrastructure, funding or environmentally sound plan to responsibly manage Baltimore City’s post-recycled waste without Wheelabrator Baltimore’s waste-to-energy facility.

The Solution

  • Only a realistic, practical and holistic approach to sustainable waste management and community health will allow Baltimore City to address our waste crisis while reducing our reliance on landfills and fossil fuels, and improving air quality.

Take Action!

Contact your Councilperson today!

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Tell them we need a sensible and realistic approach to Clean Air in Baltimore, but The Clean Air Act is not a solution.

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