To further Wheelabrator Baltimore’s commitment to the communities we serve, our WE CAN BMORE campaign is partnering with local residents, businesses, government agencies and organizations to support waste reduction, diversion of waste from landfills, neighborhood beautification and the promotion of sustainable habits.

Educating and engaging communities around sustainability.

WE CAN BMORE is focused on the following goals:

  • Increased recycling rates.
  • Greater use of reusable materials and products.
  • Expanded household composting.
  • Engagement in neighborhood cleanups and litter reduction.
  • Diversion of non-recyclable waste from landfills.

Investing in waste reduction and recycling.

WE CAN BMORE provides local residents with:

  • Recycling bins and easy-to-access information about what can be recycled and when Reusable products like shopping bags and water bottles.
  • Investment in recycling and trash pickup days, including dumpsters and recycling collection.

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Tell them we need a sensible and realistic approach to Clean Air in Baltimore, but The Clean Air Act is not a solution.

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